My book is now available!

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‘A Conversation About Healthy Eating’ is the first to bring together all of the science that is relevant to healthy eating in one place, including nutrition, metabolism, neuroscience, immunology, and microbiology. It is structured as a conversation in which an expert guides a novice through the process of deriving the general principles that underlie a healthy diet and lifestyle. This in-depth analysis leads, ironically, to the simple conclusion that the specifics of what we eat don’t actually matter; staying lean and healthy simply requires avoiding the overconsumption of processed foods. While that is, of course, easier said than done, science also provides clear recommendations for how we can adapt our environment and lifestyle to make it possible.

Rather than simply presenting the principles of healthy eating, this book will help the reader to develop a comprehensive understanding of the science from which these principles naturally emerge. This understanding will empower readers who want to develop a healthy diet and lifestyle for themselves, and also guide health professionals in their work: with the obesity epidemic showing no signs of abating, understanding the fundamental nature of the problem and developing a scientific basis for solutions has never been more important.